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Prototype PSN compliance tool

[3 March, 2013] We have developed a prototype tool for managing PSN compliance requests.

Customers have to submit a PSN compliance request annually. It's a bit of a pain. They have to complete a huge spreadsheet, fill in a form, scan signatures and e-mail all these documents to the PSNA. It is an equal pain for the PSNA to process the request.

The idea of this tool is that it makes it far easier and quicker for everyone. The customer enters and submits their request on-line. They can see where it is in the compliance process and easily renew compliance when the year is up. It's a lot easier for the PSNA too because they only receive complete forms. Here's a sample screenshot:

We've shared this with the PSNA, but no interest shown in taking it up yet! Click on the prototype link at the top to access the tool. Please get in touch if you'd like to request a user account.

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